Salve Omnibus!

This is my very first post to the blog. I am a professional woman who works in MNC company and cooks food for own. ‘ve Been cooking since childhood, here from my childhood means when I was in 12th Class in school 😉 Actually my mother was strict enough to teach me all those stuff, which a girl should be knowing and doing, and in that so called mother’s list Cooking was on the top 😛 so I have to anyhow learn cooking. So I gradually became interested in cooking and now I will do everything in brewing. Thanks Mom, if you would not let me into Force could never learn cooking.

Now about the Blog : On this blog you will be informed of the finest dining in the world, and from every corner of the world, famous Dishes recipes will be posted. You just enjoy reading and yes do not forget to comment 🙂

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy